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My Hidatsa name is Ground Cedar Woman - Awah-Miduah-Qhobadi  - the translation is "holy tree on the ground".

My name is Lisa C. Redford and am the owner and creator of my haute couture and contemporary fashion line “INSPIRED BY LCR”. 

The designs within each piece are created from my own original artwork and ideas, ranging in sizes small to 3X at this time. Most all pieces are limited editions with the exception of logo branded t-shirts etc…

My designs incorporate an indigenous flair with an edgy modern look inspired by my heritage and ancestry which includes Hidatsa as well as Eastern Cherokee/Chickasaw. I am an enrolled member of the Three Affiliated Tribes, Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation in North Dakota on my mother’s side and of Eastern Cherokee/Chickasaw descendancy on my father’s side as well as English, Danish and Irish.


I grew up in the Seattle area and have a great respect and love for Coastal Indigenous art and culture of the Pacific Northwest. I ended up making my home in North Dakota after roving back and forth for several years from the PNW. 

I have a son and a daughter. Both are grown. However, my daughter has been modeling since age 10 for various shows and most have been indigenous. Through her journey I have been to many fashion shows and exposed to various talents which sparked my desire to create my clothing line. It has always been a dream of mine to do this.

My logo includes three of my great grandmothers in the background along with colors of the medicine wheel. The one that is situated in the middle is my mother’s grandmother Mary. The other two are her sisters Sarah on the left and Suzie on the right. They are also considered grandmothers in our way and not great Aunts. I used this photograph because all three represent the strong matriarchal background of which I come from and in addition because each represented their “own style” in this photograph; one wearing traditional clothing and moccasins, one in a beret and lace up boots and the other in a fur coat and heels. 

My first collection is called “EVOLVE”. It represents the challenges of the past year with Covid -19 and how our entire world has had to adapt and evolve with the changes. But beyond that it represents how Native American, Indigenous people have survived, persevered and “EVOLVED” and are “STILL HERE” through all of the atrocities and attempts to extinguish them. I have one piece in this collection that is called “Evolve”. It is a hooded sweatshirt dress that is not artwork per say but reflects media captions of various significant points in Native American history. On one sleeve of the dress it says “Evolve” and the other sleeve says “Still Here”.

I continue to be inspired to create and move forward in bringing unique indigenous designs to the world.

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